TRACFIN unveils 29 examples of money laundering and terrorist financing risks

by 10/10/2023AML-CFT

Tracfin unveils the final section of its annual report for the year 2022, which focuses on threat assessment concerning money laundering and terrorist financing (BC-FT). The aim of this publication is to provide the 200,000 individuals and entities who reportwith a tool for a better understanding of warning indicators and risk analysis methods, while also offering an assessment of the use made of their suspicious transaction reports.

This latest volume marks an important step in Tracfin's strategy of modernizing its relationship with reporting firms. It is the fruit of in-depth methodological reflection to define a model case and a distribution format that will enable reporting firms to easily appropriate and reuse the model cases.

Objectives for taxable persons

  • Strengthen the identification of warning criteria.
  • Participate in risk analysis.
  • Break down the steps in the BC-FT/FP circuit shown.
  • Enhance and improve reporting practices.
  • Alert to a fraud pattern or particular vulnerability.
  • Enhance the value of suspicious transaction reports by showing how information received by Tracfin is processed.

The report

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