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Tanguy Rossato

Project Manager AML-CFT & Fraud at BPI France

"Time savings, ease of use, explainability, traceability & expertise!"

Claire Esso

KYC & Compliance at AETHER Financial Services


"Optimal deployment with ACPR approval".


Head Of Compliance, Permanent Control and Financial Crime at Capitole Finance-Tofinso

"An adaptable & scalable tool, validated by Groupe BPCE!"


Compliance & Internal Control at SODEXO

"A high-performance tool not only for France, but also for our subsidiaries abroad!



BSK immo

"BSK Immobilier is ahead of the game, once again optimizing the services it provides to its network to ensure full compliance with regulations. AML-CFT thanks to the power of the AP Solutions IO tool.

BSK Immobilier, one of the leaders in real estate transactions, has just added a new tool to its network of Agents to prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AML-CFT).

By 2022, Tracfin will have received over 166,000 reports, including more than 162,000 suspicious transaction reports*. By implementing a powerful system AML-CFTthe BSK Immobilier network of real estate agents is sending out a strong signal to its customers, business partners and regulators. It proves that it takes the fight against these illicit activities seriously, and is committed to maintaining a transparent and ethical business environment.

BSK Immobilier chose AP Solutions IO 's APScan tool. Lionel Pelletier, Founder and CEO of BSK Immobilier, explains his choice:

"This is the most powerful compliance solution on the market, enabling us to automate and cover 100% of our regulatory obligations."
" Their latest-generation Augmented Intelligence technology makes it possible to guarantee the traceability demanded by the DGCCRF, while considerably reducing the rate of alerts to be processed and saving our teams a considerable amount of time."

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