Why AP Solutions IO

Latest-generation technologies

Latest-generation technologies

The most effective KYC - KYS and AML-CFT solution

The most effective KYC - KYS and AML-CFT solution

Ultra-competitive rates from SMES to key accounts

Ultra-competitive rates from SMES to key accounts

Unlimited integration and secure connectivity

Unlimited integration and secure connectivity

Unique expertise in the KYC compliance market and AML-CFT

Historical market expertise for 100% compliant technology

AML Compliance Revolution: AP Solutions IO, Pioneer in Next-Generation Enterprise Tools

The founders of AP Solutions IO, historical experts in AML compliance issues, have observed that most of the solutions available on the market are not in line with the day-to-day needs of companies, in terms of :



(User needs)


Traceability & Explicability

(Regulator needs)


Smooth & rapid suspicion clearance

(Business needs)

Too complex to install, use and administer, these often incomplete tools are, in fact, reserved for financial experts and inaccessible to medium-sized companies (ME) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES).

Recognizing the difficulties companies have faced in constantly reshaping their systems and business processes to keep pace with the expanding regulatory landscape, AP Solutions IO has seized the opportunity to offer powerful, state-of-the-art compliance tools. They effectively assist regulated organizations to handle 100% of legal requirements more efficiently, more cost-effectively, with greater flexibility and adaptability to recurring changes in regulations & corporate Information Systems.

With our IO Saas/full API systems, the barriers to entry are low, and the cost of operation particularly economical (full service subscription). Our tools integrate with all types of existing customer or third-party files in the company's Information System.

Our scope of action: Filter, Detect & Process counterparties vis-à-vis "listed entities": Global/Regional Sanctions, Asset Freezes, Politically Exposed Person, RCA Relatives and Closes Associates, Unfavorable Media, Beneficial Owners, identification of Countries and Currencies under Embargo, internal lists, Dow Jones, Acuris, Open Data (INPI, ORIAS, deceased persons...) with an optimization of the reporting process and a drastic reduction in the processing of suspicions. We adapt to your risk appetite, whatever the size of your company or the regulatory requirements you face.

Objective 100% Regulatory Compliance with drastically reduced processing time thanks to a formidable detection and reduction engine, automated end-to-end, with over 70 reduction criteria and real-time response! Our long-standing expertise enables us to maintain a regulatory watch to anticipate future constraints and ensure that current ones are mastered.

Historical market expertise ... for 100% compliant technology

Active in the AML / AML-CFT compliance market since its inception, AP Solutions IO' s founders benefit from a history of expertise that has enabled them to define and produce next-generation expert systems to meet constantly evolving market needs.

Compliance AML-CFTCompliance, Anti-Corruption, Anti-Fraud, Export-Control... our long-standing expertise enables us to keep abreast of regulatory developments in order to anticipate future constraints, and to offer tools for total mastery of current constraints.

Ultra-competitive rates ... for key accounts, ME & SMES

With our full API SaaS application, the barriers to entry are low, and the cost of operation particularly economical. It's easy to use and intuitive to use!

Thefull service subscription depends on the number of third parties to be filtered, and the type of lists selected for filtering, strictly limited to your risk appetite. Invoicing is based on the number of names filtered, regardless of the number of queries on a given name. A significant saving when you consider that you need to screen your portfolio of Third Parties on a daily basis... The 12-month subscription, renewable, offers a free exit during the first 3 months!

No license fees, no start-up costs, and an unlimited number of users! A starter kit is included in our offer: technical support (referencing & opening authorized accounts...) and functional support (study of "false positives", configuration, training...). Subscription also includes automatic updates and new versions at no extra cost.

The scalability of our tools enables us to handle large volumes and adapt to your changes. Our tools meet the needs oflarge accounts as well as those of medium-sized companies (ME) and small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs ). SMES.


Our added value


Setting Conformity criteria

  • Meeting the expectations of regulatory authorities

  • Significant reduction in alerts

  • Business acceleration

  • Customization by subsidiary/territory
  • block2

    Climbing" workflow

  • Customizable decision workflow

  • Investigation levels. 4-eye control, maker/Checker.

  • Entering comments

  • Attachments
  • block3

    Optimized costs

  • Cost "per customer" (not per request)

  • Reducing the number of hits

  • Fewer operators

  • Zero Admin Solution
  • block4

    100% digital solution

  • Easy integration and interfacing

  • Automated, SaaS, Web, Full API

  • Latest technologies - Maximum safety
  • block5

    Data protection

  • Servers in France (Roubaix & Strasbourg)

  • Data replication & recovery planning

  • Secure protocols and data encryption
  • block6


  • Tailor-made reports for : Analysts, operational management, executives.
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    Contractual flexibility

  • 12-month commitment

  • Free cancellation within the first 3 months

  • Starter kit of several days included in our offers
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