Comply with regulatory obligations to detect sensitive persons (Sanctions, Asset freezes, PEP and their relatives, reputational risks, Country risks...) thanks to the SaaS APScan solution.

This turnkey productautomates your entire detectionprocess and makes it easy to manage alerts.

Detection is carried out instantaneously on entering into a relationship, and periodically on your entire database of Third Parties (natural and legal persons).

Thanks toa state-of-the-art reduction engine, you can limit false positives and accelerate your business.

Configuration is in No-Code and available through the Compliance Officers' own interface. All actions are traced/explained and exportable via reports.


Relevant, high-quality listings

APScan offers lists:

  • Asset freeze (FR, EU, UN, OFAC...)

  • National PEPs

  • Beneficial Owners

  • Partnerships with Dow Jones and Acuris
  • block9

    Filtering Relationship entry

  • Instant response (< 1 second)

  • Secure your customer journeys without slowing down your business

  • block10

    Portfolio filtering

  • Automated daily re-screening of your customer portfolio

  • For greater productivity, APScan notifies you only when an alert is due for review
  • block11

    Transaction filtering

  • Instant response (< 1 second)

  • Compatible with IS020022 (SEPA, SCT. SDD.MX), SWIFT Fin MT and Custom formats
  • block12

    Fuzzy logic

    APScan offers lists:

  • In line with requirements, APScan detects sensitive people even in the case of spelling approximations
  • block13


  • All actions are systematically tracked

  • Helps prove due diligence to regulators

  • block14

    Security GDPR

  • Accommodation in France

  • Secure access and protocols

  • Backup servers and error recovery

  • block15

    CRM / Management System interface

  • Full API solution

  • Starter kit and support

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