Uncompromising KYC & AML-CFT compliance, total transparency and unrivalled efficiency

Discover the future of compliance with AP Solutions IO

An integrated offering combining expertise and technology

Dive into the future of KYC & AML-CFT (Anti-Money Laundering & Combating the Financing of Terrorism) compliance with our state-of-the-art technology, where every step of the process is understandable and under your control.

Latest-generation technologies

Latest-generation technologies

The most effective KYC - KYS and AML-CFT solution

The most effective KYC - KYS and AML-CFT solution

Ultra-competitive rates from SMES to key accounts

Ultra-competitive rates from SMES to key accounts

Unlimited integration and secure connectivity

Unlimited integration and secure connectivity

Unique expertise in the KYC compliance market and AML-CFT

Historical market expertise for 100% compliant technology


Invest in confidence, assurance and continuous innovation!

Boost your company's resilience against money laundering and terrorist financing with our expertise in third-party integrity verification and transaction screening. Our SaaS/API web applications help you meet 100% of KYC & AML-CFT challenges smarter, more cost-effectively and more flexibly.

Our turnkey SaaS solutions

Benefit from indispensable features

Become 100% compliant with regulatory requirements to contribute to the Fight Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing with AP Scan & AP Filter! Our two solutions redefine the standards for identifying and detecting risks linked to Sanctions, Asset Freezing, Politically Exposed Persons, Unfavorable Media... while ensuring instant monitoring of constantly evolving regulations.

AP Scan

AP Scan to optimize and automate the detection, identification, classification & processing of sanctioned or sensitive persons

AP Filter

AP Filter, for financial transaction filtering, instantly detects international sanctions and identifies countries and currencies under embargo.

Key market figures

By 2030, the global fintech market will reach
0 billions
Worldwide, money laundering is estimated at 3% of GDP, i.e.
0 billion
Since 2008, fines imposed on financial institutions for anti-money laundering anti-money laundering (AML) offences have increased by
0 %

Our technology

Our technology offers Increased Detection Intelligence, with drastically reduced processing time thanks to a formidable detection and reduction engine, automated from start to finish, with an unprecedented level of granularity, more than 70 reduction criteria and real-time responses.

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