Artificial intelligence is already outdated when it comes to AML-CFT, now it's time for Augmented Intelligence...

by 06/11/2023Blog

Born in the mid-2000s, some stagecoach automation solutions AML-CFT are already like dinosaurs!  

Complying with current or future regulatory requirements is necessary, butextremely complex, costlyand oftentime-consuming

An infallible compliance toolmust provideessential functionsto effectively validate customer due diligence measures.KYC / KYS / KYBand transaction monitoring measures imposed on companies.  

AI,Machine Learning... are answers in the air of the times, but overused, they often can't meet today's regulatory requirements by making information traceability impossible!TheBlack Boxeffect cannot meet today's regulatory requirements... the market is calling for intelligence engines inGlass Boxin the face of tools developed in recent years around opaque technologies. 

AP Solutions IOoffers youhigh-performancedetection & reduction intelligencethat is perfectlytraceable & explainable, for justified recommendations that lead to legitimate decisions. 

AP Solutions IOfocuses onAugmented Intelligencefor totaltransparency,traceabilityandexplicability

(*) L'Artificial Intelligenceis becoming less and less intelligible (Black Box). Users want and need to understand how a program's AI works, and how to evaluate the results obtained (Glass Box). In terms ofAML-CFTtraceability and explicability are according to regulators absolutely mandatory. Justifying a recommendation does not depend on the illusory transparency of the algorithm, but on the traceability of the rules that led to its creation. L'Augmented Intelligenceby combining Human, Collective and Artificial Intelligence, guarantees both the Justification and the Legitimacy of the decisions made, because it puts the human at the heart of the decision and the machine at its service. 

Ourintelligent automation solutionsmake it possible to limit the need for human intervention in repetitive, time-consuming or low value-added tasks, while securing the analysis of your flows in real time...The result is 100% Compliance, 100% Aligned with your risk appetite

Welcome to #RegTech New Generation! 

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